Joy Frost is a pop singer/songwriter/producer who grew up climbing the Rocky Mountains in the heart of Utah. She wrote her first song when she was two years old and began performing at the age of three. She releases new original songs every Sunday and new pop covers every Friday on her YouTube channel. After studying audio engineering in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany, she now works as a full time musician in Dublin. Joy has had her songs played nation-wide on the radio in the USA and composed music for a LIDL commercial. She also has had her work used by Disneyworld as well as placed in hit TV shows such as The Fosters.



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"I'm a completely independent artist, with no other income or support other than my listeners. I quit my job so I could dedicate everything to making it with my music.Patreon is like an online tip jar that lets you help me keep this dream alive. I offer exclusive rewards to all my supporters who tip a dollar or more per music video that I upload to YouTube. Even the smallest contribution matters. A fairytale castle is built from many small stones. I can only keep this dream alive with your help.

- Joy Frost




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