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Joy Frost is best known for her dark, velvet voice. She bridges the gap between Ella Fitzgerald & Adele by bringing influences from vintage jazz singers into the modern pop world. Her core message to her audience through her music is one of healing, authenticity, and encouraging them to taking care of their mental health. Joy puts the B in LGBTQ+. Utah born, she launched herself out of Salt Lake City and has been an immigrant since 2013, spending half a decade each in both Germany and Ireland. After the success of her album 'Sexual Woman', currently at 4.5 million streams on Spotify. The next track off her upcoming album The Roaring 2020's, Solitude, is out now. 


Outside of music, Joy is a Pisces, a Libra Rising, a tarot reader, a pole dancer, a splits instructor, a Gryffindor, and she can can crochet better than your grandma.


To help support Joy's music, join her Patreon here. 

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