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1. Listen to the guide track on headphones on one device while you record your voice on another device. This creates a clean acapella recording. If you don't have a professional mic, just use your phone.  

2. Record in a quiet room with no echoes. As ironic as it is, the closet is a great place to record vocals. LOL. 

3. To help the choir sound fuller, please send two recordings, one of you singing the melody track AND one singing a harmony of your choice. All the guide tracks are below.

4. Send only audio if you'd like to be anonymous, otherwise you can send a video of yourself singing too if you'd like to have it included in a potential music video for the song, but there's absolutely no pressure to do that.

5. Email files to (if the files are too big, use a free site like Wetransfer to send it)

Basic legal stuff- (Taylor's Version style)

By sending audio and/or video of yourself singing the song I'm Trans through to Joy Frost via email or social media, you release ownership of the recordings to Joy Frost, and consent for them to be used in the official recordings of the song, forever, everywhere in the universe.


Thank you so much for adding your voice to this song.



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